Our story begins like so many before us, desperately searching for a solution.

A versatile online solution that could confidently address the full suite of marketing and communications objectives.  A solution that allowed a visitor to enter the environment at any stage of the buying cycle.  A solution with carefully considered content to meet the needs of any visitor and help facilitate their journey through the sales funnel.  A solution that acknowledged the non-linear nature of the modern buying cycle, allowing visitors to “chose their own destiny”.  A solution that was always on, open and available for visitors when they needed it.  A solution that put the visitor at the core, where engagement was a priority, not an accepted limitation of the virtual world.  A solution that didn’t hide from KPIs, measurement, data and analytics, but championed the need for marketing and communications objectives to be intrinsically linked to core business objectives.  A solution that could demonstrably evidence ROI and contribution to growth and profitability.

We were desperately searching…in vain, for a solution that sadly didn’t exist…yet! 

Ideas are easy.  Execution is everything.

John Doerr

Rather than make what we felt was an unnecessary compromise or concession, we set about utilising the intellectual creativity of our agency – BDB (www.weareb2b.com).  Pooling the brainpower of +50 of the very best and brightest minds in marketing communications to design the ultimate solution.  What started as a crazy limitless thinking brainstorm, quickly gathered pace as we realised nirvana was closer than any of us initially thought.

We’ve built Virtual Visitor for those businesses and brands who want to authentically showcase an agile, entrepreneurial spirit.  For those who want to do more than speak about sustainability through a green washed veil.  For those who want to truly drive digital transformation, not simply try to keep up.  For the brands with a real desire to embrace and evidence customer centricity, not just talk about it.  Where user experience and design are without compromise.  Where a businesses products, people and expertise can be brought to life, capturing your brand’s personality and culture.

Virtual Visitor is the first step on our mission is to seismically shift the future of online engagement.   

Now the solution does exist – Virtual Visitor ™

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Matt Smith - Co-founder

Virtual Visitor was Matt’s brainchild after a caffeine fuelled deep dive into the virtual events space, exploring how best to support the portfolio of international businesses and brands under his stewardship at BDB, (the B2B marketing agency where he is Co-Owner and CEO).

Matt considers it the duty of any reputable communications specialist to look beyond what is, to what will be, to help clients, prospects and contacts navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Left frustrated and uninspired by the plethora of underwhelming virtual event solutions available on the market, Matt saw an opportunity to revolutionise the future of brand engagement.

With so many businesses adding to the digital noise through the renaming of webinars to virtual events, he was convinced there was a better way for a brand to cut through the noise and uplift the experience of a virtual visitor, across all key stakeholder groups. A way to offer an integrated, perpetual brand experience where a business can truly represent their people, products and personality… without the unwieldly tech stack, or eye watering price point so often associated with a complete solution.

Matt’s strategic marketing and communications expertise and love for all things tech, combined with his previous life as a Chartered Accountant, make him the perfect hybrid creator. His unswerving commitment that all brand activity should be measurable at a granular level, evidence a demonstrable impact on the business and most importantly with a tangible ROI, makes him a unique beast. Whilst he believes Virtual Visitor is the most beautiful, immersive and integrated brand experience platform out there, it’s the fact that through Virtual Visitor, brand engagement, content performance and the propensity of a visitor to buy, are all fully measurable metrics, that he remains most proud of.

Get in touch: matt@virtualvisitor.io

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. 

Arthur C. Clarke


Oliver Brewood - Co-founder

Oliver is the co-founder and technology lead behind Virtual Visitor, responsible for turning an ambitious vision into a reality. With a career focussed on helping businesses to achieve objectives through adoption of digital and technology, he has a keen understanding of how to deliver a memorable experience online.

The process began with the creation of a shortlist of core areas of functionality that Virtual Visitor needed to address, including: facilitating talks and presentations, showcasing a host's products and services, enabling dialogue between visitors and hosts. After investigating existing platforms on the market, it was clear that their limitations made them unsuitable for modern businesses looking for virtual solutions.

Oliver's passion for all things to be purposeful, meaningful and measurable means that delivering a memorable and easy to use experience that supports clients' business and marketing objectives is at heart of every Virtual Visitor project.

Oliver leads on Virtual Visitor's development roadmap and oversees all client implementations, ensuring that each Virtual Visitor environment delivers a truly impressive and valued experience to visitors that strengthens stakeholder relationships.

Get in touch: oliver@virtualvisitor.io

Create a brand experience where the only limit is your imagination.

Achieve what you think you cannot.  Virtual Visitor is all about making possible your impossibilities.

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